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  • Amazon.com displays over 13 million book titles online on any given day.
  • There are over 6 million Amazon Kindle ebooks on the site on any given day.
  • Over 2,700 new ebooks are launched every single day.

Way back in 2010, a Google article claimed there were 129,864,880 unique books in the world. Who knows how many books are out there today? That's why Indie Platinum is so necessary. We are a multi-functional site that is all about highlighting indie writers -- creatives who write their own content, hire their own illustrator, launch their own titles, plan their own book tour, and manage their own career and marketing.



Get Coached!

Sometimes a writer needs a little guidance. In this DIY age of publishing, it's not enough to just write a book and upload it onto Amazon or other platforms. You need to know WHAT genre you're writing and WHO you're writing for. You need to make sure your plot, pacing, characterizations, POV and tense are all presented correctly. You need to know that your audience does not have to work too hard to understand your message.

Indie Platinum can help you with all this. When you choose to "Get Coached," you will get one-on-one guidance on how to get your book idea out of your head, onto the paper, into the hands of an editor/agent/publisher, and eventually, onto the bookshelves. Your Coach will also help you find or form a critique group, find your writing tribe, compose your agent/editor/publisher submission list and much more. Don't wait, get coached now!



Get Profiled!

It's always good to remember your journey and how far you've come. If you are feeling generous and want to share your publishing story with other writers, request to "Get Profiled" on Indie Platinum. When you are profiled, readers get to know you. They learn about how you came up with your book or your creation, how you got started making it a reality, how you got your prototype or your printing done, and how you got your product to the market.  And they get to follow your fascinating story all while seeing lovely images of your product, your autograph parties or your product displays.

Getting profiled on Indie Platinum is like giving yourself an extra by-line. It loans credibility and exposure, and it helps readers and future fans find and follow you.




Educate Yourself!

There is nothing like educating yourself to be a master in your field. Indie Platinum offers a variety of formats for education:

Platinum Videos

Indie Platinum offers 2-minute Platinum Videos to learn about everything from passive and active writing to formatting your manuscript.

Webinars, Power Points and Streaming Q&A

In the coming months, Indie Platinum will offer tips and instruction via various platforms to help YOU improve your craft and your chances at publishing success. Stay tuned!

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